Escalator & Moving Walkways

Alamex develops and supplies high-tech escalators and moving sidewalks with a unique design.


Manufactured according to EN-115
Safe operation
Silent operation
Internal & External Installation
Innovative Design
Safety Demarcation Line
Error Notifications
Energy Conservation


Black rubber / other colors
Handrail guide
Stainless steel entries
Stainless steel / Tempered glass
Skirting panel
Stainless steel
Black stainless steel
Comb teeth
Yellow synthetic resin / cast aluminium
Baseboard Panel Form
panel Stainless steel entries
Landing plates
Stainless steel / Aluminium Alloy
Skirting panel brush
Nylon bristles
Traction Maquine
The motor with VVVF technology
Transmission chain
With different links
Step inclination
30º or 35º

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