All products are manufactured in accordance with the latest European Standards for Quality and Safety, which guarantees high quality and durability with minimal maintenance. 


Our Passenger Elevators are developed to meet any vertical requirement, from the standard to the bespoke, with every type, speed, capacity and style available, providing solutions for all types of buildings.

Our elevators are designed, manufactured and developed in accordance with the European Standards for Quality and Safety.

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Home Elevator is the ideal lifting solution for small spaces. The Alamex home lift is unique in design that can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. The Alamex Home Lift maintains low energy consumption with VVVF technology.

Our home Elevator is suitable for family environment with its soft colors, round shapes, silent operation

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The Alamex Hydro Compact Cargo Elevator is suitable for industrial facilities and warehouses. The flexibility in dimensions and capacities make it adaptable for any special requirement.

Our Cargo Elevator Developed for the safe transportation of loads with various functional requirements, manufactured in accordance with the European Standards for Quality and Safety

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Dumbwaiter is a small service elevator without machine room for limited capacities. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, department store or residential buildings.


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Platform lift is a cost-effective home accessiblity solution to give wheelchair user a better alternative to enter home.

Alamex provides several models of platform elevators to suit the different needs of applications.

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The increase in market demand during the last decade throughout Europe, combined with the flexibility of the new European regulations, guide Alamex towards the design, certification and supply of hydraulic elevators.

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The ALAMEX construction elevator is used in construction sites for the transport of personnel and materials. Its installation and disassembly is easy and it can grow as tall as the building what be at your height.

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