Hydraulic Elevator



The increase in demand in the European market during the last decade, in combination with the flexibility of the new European regulations, guided Alamex towards the design, certification and supply of hydraulic lifts. The power module is the most comfortable option from an architectural point of view, since it can be located in the lower or basement part of the building.

Travel from 12 to 15 meters

Smooth and quiet operation.

Easily adapts to tight spaces.

In the event of a power outage, it has

an alternative system that allows

reaching the closest level, allowing the

safe exit of passengers.

Energy consumption only on the rise.

On the way down, use gravity without

the need to consume.

low-cost installation and

maintenance prices.

Fewer number of components.

Hydraulic Elevator / PDF



Manufactured in accordance with the elevator directive 95/16/EC


Capacity range from 200 to 2,000 kg


Speed of 0.6 m/s


Regulations EN - 81. PUBL PB 10-558-03


Distance of 15 meters (5 stops)


Rigid structure