Robotic Parking Systems

Alamex provides a wide range of robotic parking solutions that potentially satisfy all needs of application

Vertical Parking

    Using the "know how"

    In hydraulic elevation, Alamex has entered the growing car lift market. The objective is to offer a complete range of equipment that provides total solutions for access to the parking area by means of elevation, rotation or lateral displacement and to increase the possibilities of parking using elevators.

    Alamex parking systems are ideal for commercial, public and residential use, especially for buildings with limited space, where parking positions are insufficient.

    They are equipped with hydraulic lifting cylinders and ropes, in combination with mechanical interlocks, making them safer and more durable for long-term use.


    Multiple parking spaces, using all available construction height.


    Low installation cost, does not need additional construction.


    Increase parking space, provide additional potential construction.


    Ideal for limited construction areas in addition to reducing pollution.