Alamex offers indoor and outdoor high- and low-traffic mobility systems.

Alamex moving sidewalks have smart modes of operation, which allow for economical operation and maintenance.

With the safety of users in mind, our moving sidewalks are made of non-slip materials. They have an exceptional aesthetic in the market, as well as led lighting to improve the design of projects.


We supply high-tech moving stairways and sidewalks that work in very demanding areas, with high demand and heavy traffic, such as airport terminals, metro stations and shopping centers.

These displacement systems are designed to provide comfort and safety to users. To make energy use more efficient and extend its life cycle, its design is manufactured to the EN - 115 quality standard that guarantees operation with minimal friction, vibration and noise.  


Designed to completely eliminate bacteria and viruses on escalators and moving walks. Its function is peaceful and silent, allowing disinfection and purification in real time. Ultraviolet light has a 99% sterilization rate, eliminating the transmission of viruses and bacteria.




At Alamex we make sure that the elevator complies with current safety regulations. In the elevator redesign process, we provide a wide range of safety options to ensure that the system is 100% safe


Alamex cabins are durable and various. The elevator is guaranteed to meet the all tyes of needs and ensures better access for people with special needs.


Modernization provides long-term benefits. An elevator upgraded with new technology can operate in standby mode during idle intervals or with little traffic. For example, the cabin lighting and air fan automatically turn off when not in use, it also uses efficient LED lighting to minimize energy consumption.

Longer Lifespan

Travel quality is improved with smoother acceleration as well as quiet operation. These are the most important attributes that result from the modernization process. By placing the most technologically advanced components, Alamex is able to increase the lifespan of an elevator.