Why changing the elevator can improve the energy efficiency of a community?

Energy efficiency could be defined as the efficient use of energy by optimizing available resources. The great objective of energy efficiency is none other than to reduce energy consumption without users seeing their comfort impaired or their comforts neglected. For a few years now, many communities of owners have been making significant changes to their facilities in order to achieve energy efficiency goals. What renovations can help improve energy efficiency in a neighborhood community? One of them is to change the elevator.

Efficient lifts focused on energy saving

Why changing the old elevator in your community for a new one can help improve energy efficiency? The renovation of the facilities is one of the first actions that an energy advisor proposes in those communities that need to take measures focused on energy savings to meet their sustainability objectives. And the rise in the price of electricity has caused these studies of energy consumption in communities to skyrocket.

The elevator is one of the points that are valued when determining which facilities need renovation due to their high energy consumption. In this way, an expert in the field will always recommend changing those elevators that have obsolete mechanisms and therefore increase energy expenditure. With the magnifying glass on elevators over 15 years old, both the motor and each component of the elevator should be inspected to determine which could provide real energy savings if replaced.

Did you know that the lighting of the elevator cabin accounts for up to 70% of the electrical consumption of the installation? For this reason, changing the lighting system installed in the elevator has become one of the main energy saving actions carried out in communities. If your elevator works at full capacity and is in perfect condition, rule out changing the entire installation, but think about changing the lighting system.

One of the best options to reduce the energy consumption of the elevator is to incorporate a lighting system with a presence detector in the cabin. In this way, the cabin lights will only turn on when there is a person inside, providing considerable energy savings.

But beyond the lights, there are other savings-oriented changes that can add up to big savings. Have you heard of variable frequency drives? These systems will reduce electricity consumption at the time the elevator motor starts. If you want to know more about the possibility of installing them in your elevator, you can contact our experts.

Renew the elevators of your community of owners

Nowadays, it is more and more common to see electric elevators in communities, because their energy consumption is lower than that of other types of elevators. Therefore, if your installation is obsolete and you think that both for safety and energy savings, the time has come to renew your installation, choosing an electric lift is a good option.

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