Elevator Modernization Planning

Elevator Modernization Planning 

We have quite a few long term customers with reliable elevator systems who are interested planning for modernization but don’t know when to do it.  The elevator is working fine right now, when will it stop working?  A few things to think about when your elevator passes the 20 year mark.

Is your elevator reliable now?  If your elevator is servicing the building safely and reliably you have time to plan.  If you have shut downs and reliability issues you need to understand why the elevator is having issues. 

What type of equipment do you have?  If you have an elevator controller that is common in your geographic territory and support and material is still available, you are in good shape.

What is your environment like?  A building with 16 units is much different than a building with 45 units.  A building that has a climate controlled machine room is much different than a building that has their machine room exposed to the elements with no climate control.  In Chicago that would mean HOT HOT in the summer COLD COLD in the winter.  Elevators do not like HOT HOT or COLD COLD.

Who is using your elevator?  We have buildings in care facilities or apartment buildings that the users could use a bit more care when using the elevator.  We have buildings that are financial institutions, libraries or condos where it is hardly used and, when it is, they respect the elevators. 

How many technicians in your geographic area know your elevator?  In our elevator industry we have a lot of people retiring and taking all of the years and knowledge with them.  The younger guys typically know a lot about the new equipment, the old guys know a lot about the equipment they cut their teeth on. 

[Some areas are heavy with Dover installations like this elevator controller]

Your questions are giving me a headache, what do I do?  Talk to your elevator company and get a game plan, talk about longevity, talk about serviceability, go through all the items listed and more so the decision makers understand a little bit about the process.  Get a plan, start saving, if you haven’t already.

We have done some work in the past, what does that mean for our elevator's equipment modernization needs?  Great news!   You might be able to retain a door operator, power unit or valve.  The elevator contractor should let you know about what can stay, what should be replaced and what is on the bubble. 

[This elevator has a newer door operator[15 years old] that should be replaced if the controller is replaced]

Don’t forget about work by others -  When replacing the elevator controller you typically will have a fire alarm contractor scope and electrician scope.  You will need to know about how much this is so you can put a dollar value for these items in your budget.

[New disconnects by electrician - among other items]

[Fire recall devices and heat detectors by fire company]

Elevator cylinder -  Talk to your contractor about your elevator cylinder so you understand what happens if it fails, how long it takes for procurement, how long the installation takes, and what happens if you have cylinder hole issues.

How much does elevator modernization cost? A typical elevator control modernization can cost ?
Each elevator is different, each elevator can have a different upgrade strategy, each elevator should be discussed with your maintenance provider or a great company like Colley Elevator. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information feel free to contact me  [email protected]

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