Home Elevator

Home Elevator

Home Elevator is the ideal lifting solution for small spaces. The Alamex home Elevator is unique in design that can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. The Alamex Home Elevator maintains low energy consumption with VVVF technology.

Our home Elevator is suitable for family environment with its soft colors, round shapes, silent operation




In accordance with elevator directive 95/16/EC


Aluminum cube structure with several finishes


Minimum requirements for the shaft and machine room


Speed of 0.6 m/sec


Rigid structure


Low noise level and smooth operation


The normative EN - 81 standard and the machinery directive 2006/42/


Manual or automatic doors


Capacity range from 200 to 45  0 kg


127/220 power supply (two-phase or Three-phase)


Standard and automatic emergency operation


Trip of up to 12 m